Disposable Shoe Covers


Personal protective equipment (PPE) such as shoe covers are commonly used in areas such as medical centers, cleanrooms, hospitals, industries, laboratories, and emergency wards. Birat Healthcare Industry’s single use disposable shoe covers are sterile, simple, waterproof, and fit snugly over a wide range of shoe styles and sizes. Helping you keep potentially hazardous materials (such as organic and chemical particles) away from coming into contact with the soles of your shoes. Frequently required as part of standard PPE protocols in such places you can now purchase medical grade disposable shoe covers directly from us. So, use our disposable shoe covers to keep your shoes clean while reducing the spread of contamination.


  • Simple to put on and take off.
  • Secure yet flexible elastic bands are wrapped around the ankles to prevent slipping.
  • Non-slip and durable soles improve tracking and reduce the risk of slips and falls.
  • Durable but nonbreathable fabric that will not tear or snag while providinng adequate liquid and particulate protection.
  • Materials used meet the industry workflow practise standards(e.g., sterile packaging and appropriate sterility assurance level).
  • Material and Fabric Weight: 35gsm, 340mm Colors: Light Blue
  • Packaging 200 pieces per pack, 15 packs per carton.
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